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Publisher System

The Publisher System is a comprehensive control kit for web inventory and ad feed management. It enables your Publishers to monetize their search based web properties/applications with Affinity's Search XML Ad Feed.

The Publisher System enables you to fully manage your Publisher Relationships and end-to-end Ad Distribution. It also offers the most comprehensive array of statistics/reports on feed, revenue, and publisher performance.

Build a network today with the latest ad serving technology: Reduce costs, increase competitiveness, engage your target audience, and offer the very best online advertising experience.

The OME platform is a web-based ad management solution that facilitates the exchange of online advertisements. It unites publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and ad agencies into one open, transparent environment. Plus, with an online advertising exchange, you will receive a greater access to ad inventory, traffic, and clients.

The contextual OME solution is the only private-label ad serving system to integrate a wide range of: targeting options, ad formats and cost metrics, reporting and analysis tools, and a fully automated payment and email system into one single platform.