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Designed, developed, and improved through many years of experience and expertise, our contextual Open Media Exchange is the solution for many online advertising businesses.
Our private-labelled, Open Media Exchange is among the most sophisticated, all-in-one solutions available for ad serving; it is designed to suit your particular needs, whether you are an agency, publisher, advertiser or advertising network. Advanced technologies enable you to develop your own system, with private label features such as: full customization of your company logo; complete integration of domains in ad serving; and multiple and dynamic partnerships with other networks.


Primarily designed to build up your partnership networks, our private-labelled, Open Media Exchange features a multi-faceted administrator panel. This dynamic panel allows you to customize your own network by uploading your company logo, changing your favorite color scheme, entering text into the control panel, and establishing your own domain for each network area.

You can easily customize any system email and seamlessly select and combine different tools to suit your own business needs. Many different languages can be supported, payment methods can be integrated, and total control over administration panels can be set anytime, anywhere.


Integrating your domain and ad management system enables you to service all advertisements and fully track clicks and profit for both advertisers and publishers. Your company’s administrative team will be effectively streamlined into the system. As top administrator, you can delegate each employee’s privileges, including, but not limited to, account creation, advertiser/publisher search, and announcement broadcasts.

Campaign types made available to clients can also be controlled; for example, you can choose to exclusively offer your clients cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) cost metrics, and offer cost per view (CPV) at a later moment in time. Other impressive customization features include being able to establish minimum bid rates and default ad options (alternate ads which are displayed when no ads are available).

Your publishers can also achieve full control over the system, allowing them to further monetize their sites’ traffic. Your advertisers will naturally receive the largest quantity of quality traffic