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In-Text Monetization

Through In-Text, users get connected to a number of contextually relevant messaging options upon interacting with highlighted words within your web content.

An innovative monetization model that lets you earn on either CPM, CPC or CPA basis, while strictly adhering to the existing layout of your website.

Put affiliate links on existing and new text so that you get paid each time someone clicks the link. It’s pretty inconvenient to go to potential sites one-by-one and place the links manually, so most site owners go through companies like INTENTclick (which works with sites about making money online and saving money) to automatically place the links for them. Plus, this enables targeted ads: A link on the word “movies” might take someone who plays Left 4 Dead to a coupon for tickets to a local showing of the latest zombie apocalypse horror, while somebody who likes vampires might be taken to a coupon for tickets to Twilight.

Some of these tips only work well for certain sites, but others are more or less universal. For example, while sites with lots of visitors shouldn’t really sell banner space by the month, pretty much any coupon blog can sign up with an in-text monetization company and monetize their site’s text content. Think over each tip and figure out which ones work best for you and think about how you should go about implementing them.