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In-Page Advertising

InPage takes online advertising to a whole new level, by providing television-style, full motion, full-screen, full sound adverts that appear in the 'white space' between pages. InPage is a complete ad management and reporting solution rolled into one powerful product.

Advertisers use the In-Page rich media format to create polite ads that appear in a fixed size and placement on a web page. In-Page ads are commonly designed to fit IAB standard ad sizes, such as rectangles, skyscrapers and leader boards.

In-Page Advertising digs deeper within websites and finds contextual relevance for banner ads by placing them right where they belong.

Our proprietary Smart Semantics & Contextual Targeting Technology help your campaign achieve maximum reach.

Our approach to the market is untarnished by traditional thinking and has resulted in an advertising platform that is flexible, scalable, secure and efficient, accommodating the ever changing face of the digital media landscape.

When a hyperlink is clicked whilst surfing the Internet, there is a typical delay of a few seconds before the target page is fully displayed. This delay is called latency and it is caused by the time it takes your request (the click) and the subsequent response (the target page) to travel over Internet. You will recognise this latency as a blank white screen that appears for a few seconds between pages. Every Internet user will experience it to some degree

For In-page this inherent delay represents an advertising opportunity. Why? Because the few seconds of blank white screen is used to display pre-loaded full screen, full motion adverts of small file size aimed at entertaining and informing the Internet user.