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In-Page Monetization

No matter how diverse your content is, In-Page delivers contextually relevant ads to your innermost webpages.

In-Page Advertising uses proprietary Contextual Targeting Technology to understand the underlying context of your web content, thus allowing it to place relevant banner ads on the oft ignored innermost webpages. Capitalize from this innovative contextual monetization model that is simple and efficient.

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What is In-Image Monetization?

In-Image Monetization is a mode of online monetization which displays ads within images present on a website. The ads will appear when the image is visible in the visitor’s browser (on focus). Our system is designed to comprehend whether the bottom half or top half of the displayed image is above the browser fold (visible area of the browser) and will accordingly render ads on that half. The displayed ads could be in the form of Banner Ads, Text Ads or Video Ads.

Currently, In-Image Monetization is available only to Publishers in India.