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In-Image Advertising

We all know that we can earn money from text links (in-text advertising) and videos (in-video advertising) but do you know that we can earn money from our images too and I am not talking about earning money by uploading your Images to Image sharing sites or stock photo sites but earning money just by displaying Images on your own Blog or site. Cool isn’t it?

Yes! You can now earn money, just by displaying Images on your own sites. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for an In-Image Advertising network and then add their Javascript code or plugin in your blog/site. After you add the code, these network will start displaying small advert at the bottom of your images. These adverts only appear if you hover your mouse around the advert space so it won’t disturb the visual appeal of the images.

Many Image focused sites like Entertainment sites, movie news, celebrity fansites, Wallpaper sites use these platform to earn a lot of revenue. Maybe you could too.
In-Image Advertising engages Smart Semantics and Image Tag Processing Technology which help display highly targeted and contextually relevant ads within images, as users browse through web content.

In-Image enables you to drive-the-point-home by riding on imagery that is consistent with your campaign thought.