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In-Footer Advertising

In-Footer is a next generation monetization avenue that adds 'PREMIUM' inventory to your website without affecting your existing web layout.

It resides at the base of a webpage, always above the fold, attracting 4-10X more CTRs as compared to standard banner advertising. In-Footer delivers contextually relevant ads in various ad formats to let you Earn, Enhance & Immerse.

1. Earn 'premium' revenues via an innovative monetization avenue.
2. Enhance your overall page value by adding a newer revenue stream.
3. Immerse visitors in your web content with enhanced interactivity.

While the leader board would generally disappear on a scroll, messages appearing on the In-Footer will perennially retain the brand's grasp over the page.

In-Footer is powered by our proprietary Contextual Targeting Technology that has the ability to deliver precisely targeted ads at the most relevant pages across websites.